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S/4 Lotus Led Lamps

S/4 Lotus Led Lamps

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Iluminate your Diwali celebrations with PaperMe's S/4 Lotus LED Lamps! Handmade and eco-friendly, these lotus-shaped lamps are the perfect addition to your festive decor. They bring an aesthetic touch to your home, office, or any room. Crafted from tree-free paper, they're sustainable and designed for year-round use. Light up your space with these elegant lamps and embrace the traditional aesthetic in a modern way. Shop now and brighten your Diwali with PaperMe! 

Material: Handmade paper & LED lights                                                                                              

Colour: Pink                                                                                                          

Size: 13 x 31 cm                                                                                                                 

Product: 4 Lotus LED Lamps

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